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COVID-19 Management


Updated safety measures

At Brilliant SA, we care deeply about the health and welfare of our staff, clients, subcontractors, their families. and the community at large. We minimise risk to all by managing hazards and establishing safe practices in our workplace and on our work sites, being our clients’ homes.

We take our community responsibilities seriously and believe we should do what we reasonably can to protect ourselves and others from harm.
Since the very early days of the pandemic, we have taken a progressive approach to managing safety for all.

Vaccinations, masks and daily sign-in.


After thorough consideration of current conditions and consultation with our team, we have introduced new measures, requiring all our team to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to their level of eligibility. We require clients to declare their vaccination status, as some can not or will not be vaccinated.

Daily check-in

We have reinstated daily self-assessment and check-in on all Brilliant SA worksites.

The requirement for full vaccination and check-in applies to:

  • Brilliant SA staff (All are already vaccinated)
  • Subcontractors and suppliers entering Brilliant SA worksites and clients’ homes
  • Visitors to Brilliant SA Office and showroom in Black Forest.
  • Clients in face-to-face meetings with Brilliant SA staff or subcontractors in their homes

Updated signage has been prepared to go to all sites, with easy access via QR code or web link.
The online sign-in form has a facility to upload Proof of Vaccination as well (required once only).
This is separate and in addition to the mySA GOV contact tracing and check-in (required at our office and showroom)



Making Space on Site


Appropriate and properly fitted masks are required in all indoor settings, including:

  • All work sites
  • Brilliant SA Office and Showroom
  • Indoor face-to-face meetings with clients

We understand there may be exceptional circumstances or personal reasons preventing subcontractors or clients from meeting some requirements. Likewise, there may be situations where alternative solutions are permitted, at our absolute discretion.


While we always prefer meeting you in person, that’s not always practical or possible. To overcome this, Brilliant SA also offers free online consultations via video link. If you’re housebound, in quarantine or responsibly working from home to minimise external contact, this is for you.

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