BSA Referrals Program

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Referrals mean a lot to us.

When you care enough to share, we all win.

Here´s how we reward both Advocates and New Clients


A friend gave you great advice AND $200 Credit for your project.

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Why and how we give referral rewards

It makes economic and social sense

Advertising can be expensive.

We’ve invested 15 years in building a track record of excellence and a large group of happy clients and industry associates. Returning clients and direct recommendations have always been our best source of work. We appreciate the support.

With this program we can help more of the same type of clients who we already know are a good fit. People who know what they’re getting and their like-minded family and friends.

With the new BSA Referral Rewards Program in place, we want to thank you both as Advocates and New Clients for the trust you have placed in us.

How it works:


It’s simple and transparent:

  1. An “Advocate” (client or industry partner) recommends Brilliant SA to a potential “New Client” using the official Referral Card.
  2. Both parties register the referral with Brilliant SA.
  3. Once the project goes ahead, both get a referral reward:
    The New Client gets a $200 Brilliant SA Credit
    The Advocate gets a choice of $200 Credit  or $100 Cash

See below for Terms and Conditions or contact us with any questions.

When you care enough to share, we all win.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The referral program is open to all former and current clients of Brilliant SA, all current suppliers and selected industry associates.
  2. The rewards are applicable to new project with contract value of $20,000.- or more.
  3. The rewards are activated once contract has been signed and deposit received.
  4. To be eligible to claim, the referral must be registered with Brilliant SA before contract is signed.
  5. Registration of claim is by
    1. Completing the online claim form at
    2. Completing the downloadable form at and emailing to [email protected]
    3. Returning the completed form to Brilliant SA office at 8/715 South Road, Black Forest
  6. All claims must be completed with the details of Advocate and new client as well as referral card number.
  7. Limited to a total of two rewards per project; one Advocate Reward and one Client Gift.
  8. The Advocate may assign their reward to the client, allowing the client to collect double rewards.
  9. Only one Advocate is eligible to claim for each client. The first to register a referral will be allocated the reward.
  10. Client reward is $200 Brilliant SA credit which will be automatically applied to the project as a discount.
  11. Advocate rewards can claimed as be either:
    1. $200 Brilliant SA credit (which can also be assigned to the client) OR
    2. $100 Cash
  12. Advocates can refer unlimited number of new clients, accumulating credit or cash rewards for each new contract.
  13. Eligible returning clients can claim two credits for their own next project (as both advocate and new client).


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