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We’re OPEN & adapting

We’re open! – But it’s not business as usual

How rapidly things change! Our entire society has been turned on its head in the last few weeks with a threat to us, our health system and economy.
Health risks, job losses, change of circumstances and uncertainty are challenging us all.
I firmly believe that if we act responsibly, decisively and calmly we can minimise the impact in the long term.

As I write this the building industry is still considered an essential service and operating with new guidelines around worker’s and public safety. With millions of adults and children working and studying from home, our homes are being put to the test. So, if you find that your kitchen, bathroom laundry or whole home needs an overhaul, talk to us. We can help.


We’re here for you

At Brilliant SA, we’re still operating at almost full capacity, with significant adjustments to how we serve our clients at all stages of their journey. Our office is open, with essential staff only attending in person. Visits are now by appointment only.

Necessity is the mother of Invention

We’re able to do practically everything except the actual building work remotely. We’re grateful for the preparation over the past few years, implementing latest technology and systems. We are connected wherever we are, and all our internal systems and client portal are already online. Our initial enquiry process and preliminary discussion have been conducted online and by phone for several years.
Now for the next steps:


Here’s how we are adapting so we can continue to serve you:

Online consultations:

Our entire design team is now working from home where possible.
Design consultations and presentations can now be conducted by teleconference, with you in your home and us in ours. We’re streamlining the processes to make this as simple and effective for everyone as possible.

We’ve been using 3D Architectural design software since 2005 to produce accurate models for design presentations and construction drawings. We already build your project virtually before we build it in real life.

We are continuing to offer in-person and in-home consultations where appropriate and both parties are happy to do so. Naturally, we will do this in strict adherence to current guidelines.


We’re working with our construction team and clients to ensure best practices, in addition to existing health and safety requirements. We make sure

  • Current rules and guidelines around social distancing and hygiene are followed
  • All workers are required to self-assess at the commencement of each working day and for every new worksite they enter
  • All workers are required to have appropriate PPE and hygiene facilities
  • We stagger work components on-site to minimise contact
  • Clients are being asked to self-assess before any face-to-face meeting
  • Self-assessments are lodged electronically and securely

Most of all we want to ensure the health and wellbeing of all. While these are challenging times, we’ll continue to support our clients and staff. We’re determined to maintain a positive mindset and do what we can to ensure the best possible outcome for all.

We can do this!

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