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At Brilliant SA, our commitment to excellence means that we take full responsibility for every detail of your renovation project, and willingly commit to the following pledge:


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Our Promise To You

Phase 1
Step 1

No Hidden Costs

Our proposal will include everything required to complete your project as planned.
If we’ve missed something, it’s FREE!

What it means:

We’re the experts and you’re relying on our advice and integrity.
Our thorough assessment process during our design and pricing stage should eliminate any omissions.

We don’t hide costs from you or add them later. We’ll include all of the trade work, services, fixtures and fittings needed to complete your project in the way we have designed it.

This sometimes means our price may seem higher than others, who provide limited service or hide some costs.
Make sure you’re including and comparing all costs.

You’ve seen the old disclaimer: “Error and omissions excluded.”?
We’re the exact opposite. We own our mistakes.
We will note exclusions in our proposal, such as work performed
or items supplied by you or your other consultants.

We will also note optional extras as appropriate.
Building projects can cost more than anticipated at the outset because things change during the process.
We promise to not pass onto you costs that we should have priced up front or that are our fault.

We can’t predict everything. The nature of renovations is such that we come across surprises and problems.
Unforeseen costs resulting from hidden structural issues, site conditions or other unexpected issues or circumstances or additional work or changes in materials or fixtures and fittings requested by you will become a Variation.
For your protection, our contract clearly outlines fair methods for pricing Variations.

Step 2


All our work and materials will be of first quality.
If you disagree, we’ll pay for an independent assessment and any rectification recommended.

What it means:

You’re selecting us because you want top quality work that’s guaranteed to please and last.

We take pride in our work, guarantee it for 10 years (apart from the things explained at clause 18 of the contract) and rely heavily on referrals from happy clients in order to secure new work.

If you believe we haven’t met this standard (and we’re not willing and able to rectify), we’ll pay for an independent assessment carried out by a Building Inspector nominated by the President of the Association of Building Consultants Inc.
We’ll pay for this even when the work is deemed satisfactory and no improvement is required!

We’ll then carry out and/or pay for any rectification.
If either one of us still disagrees with the independent expert opinion, we still have a Dispute Resolution process available to us as set out in clause 22 of our Contract.

Step 3

On Time

We’ll start and finish your project on time. If we’re late for reasons that are down to us, we pay you $100 for every day we exceed our promised handover date.

What it means:

We’ll quote you a realistic time frame for the start and duration of your project.
If everything goes reasonably according to plan, we’ll meet that timeline.
If we make overly optimistic promises or are tardy with completion of the work, we pay you.

If the project is delayed because of factors that we should have foreseen or have control over, such as availability of trades and materials specified by us, scheduling issues or project management, we will pay you $100 for every day we go beyond the promised date.

This excludes delays caused by reasons within your control, variations to work carried out, and several other reasons beyond our reasonable control.
See clause 11 of our contract for details.

Step 4

Full Responsibility

Full Responsibility

We’ll look after everything for your project from concept design to completed project.
We’re responsible for everything we supply and install and are fully licensed and insured for all aspects of what we do.

When dealing with third party suppliers and trades, we take care of specifications and instructions and can help with any warranty issues for you after we have completed your project.


It’s included in your Contract, legally binding and enforceable. DONE!

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