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Where do I start?

Talk to us about your project. We are always happy to discuss your project in person or over the phone. See our Contact Page for details.

You may already have lots of ideas or questions specific to your project or simply need guidance in where to start.

How does your process work?

For a typical renovation project:

  1. We discuss your project broadly at our office or over the phone. We ensure we have a reasonable match between what you want/need and what we provide.
  2. In-home consultation.
    Your designated Design Specialist meets with you on site for with the subject at hand. We conduct initial needs analysis, involving functional requirements, design direction, budget, structural restraints etc. We take photographs, measurements and other details as appropriate to needs.
    We will work out a basic estimate based on the above to make sure we are still on track before proceeding to design and quotation.
  3. Concept design & basic quote.
    Based on the discussions and information during the in-home consultation, our designer prepares a concept design and quote. Your design solution is presented to you at our offices with 3D visualization. The quote is based on the concept design and allowances for items that have not yet been finalised. During this meeting we can make adjustments to the design and specifications. Together we look at options for selections of various items.
  4. Design revision, interim selections and detailing.
    Some fine tuning (or even significant changes) to the design and specifications usually results from the presentation of the concept design. We implement these changes and add significant level of detail to the design, drawings and specification. The revised solution is presented to you at our offices.
  5. Final documentation.
    We prepare the final drawings and specifications. This includes fully detailed plans, elevations and 3D representations as well as product specifications. Final costing based on actual selections final design.
    We confirm our agreement for the delivery of your project (Fixed Price Contract).
  6. Construction.
    With all the details sorted we can confidently proceed to turn the vision into reality. You sit back while our team takes care of everything.
  7. Enjoy
    When your project is ready for use, we hand it over to you to enjoy.
How soon can you start?

When we book your project, we will set a starting date – and then stick to it!
We can usually start within 3-6 weeks. As this fluctuates, please confirm with your consultant.
If you have tight deadline, please discuss this with us at the beginning of the consultation process.
We can usually accommodate urgent requests when they arise.

How long will it take?

This depends on your project.

Your contract will include an agreed commencement and completion date.
While simple projects can be completed in less than 3 weeks, most (single room) projects take 4-6 weeks to complete.  Larger or more complicated projects will take more time to complete. Please discuss the likely duration of your project with your consultant. Kitchens are largely built in a factory and then installed, whereas bathrooms are mostly built in-situ.

It’s common for a bathroom project to have over 20 “tasks” involving 10 or more trades. The completion time will depend on the amount of structural work involved, the complexity of the project and construction method of the home. Extent of tiling work, types of shower screens and other custom made items all play a part. Solid construction requires more drying time than timber frame.

Custom fabrication of items that require site measure of a partially completed project will often add to the completion time of a project. Examples include many bench tops, toughened glass splashbacks and custom shower screens.

P.S. Beware of operators offering exceptionally short completion times, as these can only be achieved by compromising the integrity of your project. We will not compromise the integrity of a kitchen or bathroom designed to last decades for the sake of a couple of days drying time.

How much will it cost?

Costs vary enormously as every project is unique.  We’ll discuss this with you early in the process, to make sure we’re meeting your needs.  Costs depends on several factors, such as:

  • Whether the configuration of the room is being changed
  • The amount of structural work required.
  • Specifications of the work that is required.
  • Quality and cost of fixtures, fittings and finishes
  • Size of the room(s)

The typical bathroom or kitchen renovation cost between $25,000 and $35,000.
Luxury level projects significantly exceed that cost.

Do I need a budget to start with?

It’s a good idea to set a budget early.
Many people start the design process and for some strange reason, are afraid to disclose what they’re willing to spend. Quite frankly, it’s a little ridiculous. We can help you much better if we understand the sort of money we’re working with.  You may have no idea or a distorted view of what things truly cost. We can give you a “ball park” idea of cost after discussing your project. This becomes more accurate as we progress.

If you have a set budget, we can tell you what’s possible within that. You can then decide whether you can find the extra money for the luxuries you really want.

Not being open or honest about your budget is just going to waste everyone’s time.

How much deposit do you require?

We require a deposit of 5% at time of booking (contract).
For contracts under $20,000 this is fixed at $1,000.

Please note that preliminary costs for design, engineering etc. are charged separately and are not included in deposit.

What is your warranty?

We provide 10 Year Warranty against faulty workmanship and materials.

For this reason we use only products and people we trust to perform over time. You can relax in the knowledge that our work will last a lot longer than that.

Fixtures and fittings are covered by Manufacturer’s Warranties. These generally range from 1-10 years. We recommend you enquire about warranties on individual brands and items when making your product selections. You should keep in mind that the warranty is only as good as the company behind it.

What happens if discover a fault of have a warranty claim?

One call to us is all it takes.
Even the best manufacturers and products will occasionally have issues that lead to warranty claims. How these are handled will determine the “the good, the bad and the ugly”.
If you bought the products through us, we will do all of the follow up work to ensure any issues are dealt with promptly and professionally. Likewise, in the unlikely event that any workmanship is found to be faulty, we will take charge of the situation and ensure the problem is fixed with minimum fuss.
We take great pride in this part of our service

Does my builder need a licence to complete my project?

YES. An appropriate Builders Licence is required to carry out any building work in South Australia. The licences are specific and restricted. For example someone who is a licensed plumber is generally licensed to carry out a complete Bathroom Renovation involving other trades. Brilliant SA is fully licensed to carry out any residential, commercial and industrial building work not exceeding two storeys. Our Licence number is BLD169089

You should check that anyone you engage is appropriately licensed. Licence searches can be conducted here.

What insurances do you have in place?

We’re covered.
We carry Public Liability and Products Liability insurances that cover all our operations and Contract Works Insurance that covers all work we carry out. Professional Indemnity insurance covers all design and advice provided. Our staff members are covered by our insurances as well as WorkCover and other protections as required by law. Our sub-contractors are required to have (and provide proof of) own insurances. We will not leave you or our workers exposed to liabilities.

Additionally we take our Home Owners Warranty Insurance for all projects where such insurance is required.

We prefer peace of mind for all.

Who will be doing the work within my home?

Our team of trusted trades will expertly complete your project. Some are direct employees, while others are sub-contractors. All contractors are required to through a vetting process, and have proven themselves to be able to consistently deliver to our high standards. Most have been working for us for several years.

We take responsibility for all our workers, whether employees or contractors.

Will I have to stay at home to let trades in?

No. There is no need for that – unless you prefer do so. Your Building Supervisor will arrange access for the trades as needed. Usually you would provide us with a key, which is securely stored on site.

What security measures do you have in place?

We discuss access and security with you at the pre-start visit.

We use key safes for the safe on-site storage of keys.
All our contractors are required to go through a vetting process before they can commence working for BSA. This includes Police checks, licence and registration checks, insurance checks etc.
Personal judgement – If we weren’t comfortable with leaving them in our own homes, we wouldn’t send them to yours!

How will I know what happens from day to day?

We will give you a Project Schedule before we commence work. This is a guide to the process and will give you a good idea of what is being done, when and by whom. Some adjustment along the way is to be expected and your Building Supervisor will keep you posted as the work progresses.

Our online project management tool allows us to keep project information in one place. See more about the project management tool on the Project Login page.

I want to go away on holidays while you complete my project. Is that OK?

Of course. Some clients choose to be away while the work is undertaken, and come back when all is done.
Today’s communication tools and our Project Management System make this a very feasible option.

Do you do more than just bathrooms, kitchens and laundries?

Yes. We are fully licensed General Builders. As such we can handle any construction work.
We have chosen to specialise in high quality renovations that usually include kitchens and/or bathrooms.
We frequently carry out major and minor renovations and alterations associated with partial or full home renovations.

We can handle any construction work, but do not try to be everything to everyone.

“Complete Home Renovations”. We will transform a run-down house to a “better than new home” in as little as 8 weeks. That’s everything from strip-out and structural alterations to brand new kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedrooms, air conditioning, hot water, paint, flooring and professional cleaning! With exceptional buying power, meticulous planning and a dedicated team, we can deliver outstanding service, quality and value.

We also carry out home extensions and other projects. As with all projects, we assess these on a case-by-case basis.

Do you build new homes?


Our expertise and passion is high quality renovations for people who are seeking outstanding results.

I think my home may have asbestos. How do I find out, and do you remove it?

Many homes built prior to ~1985 will have asbestos. We will discuss likelihood of asbestos with you as we assess your project and arrange for testing as needed. Any asbestos needs to be professionally removed by licenced specialists. We will handle all removal procedures for you in accordance with legal requirements.

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