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Referred Clients

I was referred and want to claim my discount.

We appreciate that many of our clients come via referrals or re-engaged us for new projects, so we’ve created a program to say ‘thank you’ with a gift to everyone involved.

As a referred or returning client
we would like to give you a $500 project credit*

Please complete our Form to Register for Approval.

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  1. The referral program is open to all former and current clients of Brilliant SA, all current suppliers and selected industry associates.
  2. The rewards are applicable to new project with contract value of $25,000 or more.
  3. The new client receives a is $500 Project Credit which will be automatically applied to the project as a discount once a contract has been signed and a deposit received.
  4. Advocate Rewards can claimed as be either:
    1. $500 Brilliant SA Project Credit (which can also be assigned to the client) OR
    2. $250 Cash Reward (payable by direct transfer)
  5. To be eligible to claim, the referral must be registered with Brilliant SA before the contract is signed.
  6. Registration of claim is by completing the online claim forms at
  7. All claims must be completed with the details of the new client, advocate, and referral card number.
  8. Limited to a total of two rewards per project; one Project Credit for the new client and one Advocate Reward. Cannot be used in conjunction with Good Neighbour Credit.
  9. The advocate may assign their reward to the client, allowing the client to claim two $500 credits.
  10. Only one advocate is eligible to claim for each client. The first to register a referral will be allocated the reward.
  11. Advocates can refer unlimited number of new clients, accumulating credit or cash rewards for each new contract.
  12. Returning clients automatically receive an additional $1,000 loyalty discount on eligible new projects.