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Renovate your home in 2018

A new year marks new beginnings

As the new year starts to gather momentum, it’s the perfect opportunity to start planning the improvements you need to make to your home in 2018.

The beginning of a year is the perfect time to plan upgrades and home renovations. You’ve just been through a time of year when your home’s functionality has been put to the test. How did it go? With Christmas and the associated busyness of the Festive Season, entertaining for friends and family, looking after children and extended family through the holidays, it often becomes quite evident that our current layout or design just isn’t working. So, ask yourself: What needs to change? What do I want to have in place for next season?

Ready for 2018

If you are planning a new kitchen renovation or a bathroom renovation for this year, now is the time to make note of what’s not working in your home. Maybe the kitchen is too cramped or lacks storage. Perhaps your bathroom isn’t coping with the number of people trying to use it all at the same time. The old, tired design isn’t in keeping with your entertaining standards…..

Whatever the reason, the information you gather by reflecting on the past few weeks be invaluable when you start to plan your new space. Your experienced kitchen designer or bathroom designer will be able to use the feedback you have collected to help them design a space that’s build specially to suit your needs.

Perhaps take some time out in a quiet spot to think about it!


Make a list

Start with a wish list

Start by making a list of all the things your current kitchen or bathroom or alfresco area lacks, as these will become the framework for the new design and will help you create a wish list of desired items. At this stage, don’t hold back – add as many items to your wish list as you can think of. There will be plenty of time to refine this list with the advice and assistance of your expert kitchen or bathroom designer.

Work with your designer

Once you’ve recovered and are ready to start planning for your home renovation, take all this information to your first meeting with your designer. At Brilliant SA, we employ a range of qualified and experienced kitchen, bathroom and interior designers who specialise in bringing your ideas to life. We understand how to design and renovate homes to maximise functionality in a visually appealing environment. Call us today to see how we can apply our expertise to your space.

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