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Simplicity rules in this matte black modern masterpiece. Its hard to believe this space started out as cluttered pastel pink bathroom. This family of four simply needed more than they were getting from their only bathroom. A visit from foreign family motivated the owners to contact Brilliant SA in the hopes of transforming their bathroom. A short deadline was only one of the challenges presented with this bathroom.

An injury meant that one of our clients required a seat in the shower and a deeper bath for therapy. As a solution, a nib wall was created the entire way along the far wall. This wall also acts as storage for everyday shower and products. The selection of a frameless shower screen with matte black channel gives the shower a sleek and refined look. Completing this look is a shower rail with hand held shower. Another hand held shower head was installed by the bath, to make cleaning a breeze.

A significant problem with the previous bathroom was the complete lack of s-t-o-r-a-g-e!!

To provide concealed storage both a new vanity and butterfly shaving cabinet were installed. The internal power outlets of the cabinet ensure the vanity can always clear. The large mirrored cabinet also reflects light and gives the room a further perception of depth. Contrasting against the gloss white walls and vanity, a dark 300×300 Matt Glaze Porcelain Tile adds contrast. Further to that all sanitary wear and accessories down to the door handle are all matte black powdercoated.


The new bathroom provides ample storage options and is beautiful visual delight. But most importantly, this bathroom creates a functional solution specifically tailored for the owners intended usability.

Designed and built by the Brilliant SA team.
Designer: Bronwyn Aldridge.


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