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Improving flow and creating a spacious sustainable kitchen in the home was important to our clients. Their previous kitchen was dated and didn’t even have an oven! This wasn’t ideal for a couple who love to entertain indoors. Family is important and so is good kitchen design.

Corner cupboards provided useless storage, while a dividing walkway into the living room was simply inconvenient. Dark patterns on almost every surface made the space feel dreary. Ultimately, the separation from the dining area was unsociable when family and friends came to visit – the opposite of what is desired.

The space was further made uncomfortable with boring fence lines to the east and unbearable summer sun to the west. Maintaining adequate temperatures through the seasons was unnecessarily costly and at times challenging in the spaces.


The design was always going to benefit from removing the wall between the kitchen and dining area to create a new open space. In a room now filled with light, we installed translucent glass to mask boring fences and modified the glass on the western elevation, both in dimension and by the addition of double glazing to aide thermal performance. This has also given new life to an adjacent courtyard, previously unused as it was out of sight behind draped shade cloth.

The kitchen itself has delivered on the client’s liking to Scandinavian minimalist design with clean lines and a fresh palette. Our client wanted to incorporate black into the design but felt it would go against the brightening of the space, thus a shimmering black shadow line and kicker were added for a touch of contrast and interest.

Storage has been improved significantly with the installation of both exposed and hidden soft close drawers throughout the kitchen. Luxury vinyl planks have contributed warmth to the whole home renovation and make for efficient cleaning from the front door, all the way to the last bedroom down the hall.

As a result, our clients are delighted with their decision to stay in their own home and renovate. The house is now more sustainable, it feels open and spacious and the improved function is remarkably noticeable… as is the oven!

Designed and built by the Brilliant SA team.
Designer: Bronwyn Aldridge
Building Supervisor: David Lamond


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