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This stunning home had all the charm and character of the 1920’s, but its 100 year old kitchen needed a pick-me-up into the 21st Century! Our clients wanted something that would better suit the style and feel of surrounding rooms while being a practical and functional family kitchen. The clients decided on traditional shaker style cabinetry from the beginning.

First of all, an old style and dysfunctional chimney sat in the corner of the room. While taking up much needed space, it also provided little use to the current owners. As a result, the existing window was long and narrow, confining the kitchens functionally primarily to a galley style on either wall. To overcome this, we began by removing and bricking off the existing chimney, squaring off the room.

The window was replaced at a height complementary to that of the new U shaped reconstituted stone bench top. The addition of a U shape bench top and custom joinery allowed for drastically more storage and usable bench space. Shaker style doors in a soft blue-grey (Dulux Platinum Class PN2H3) were selected to tie in with the additional living spaces. Contrasting matte black door knobs, sink and mixer all provide a modern fusion to the traditional kitchen. Finally, trades replaced architraves and mouldings to complement the period of the home and particularly the adjacent living room.

Designed and built by the Brilliant SA team.
Designer: Steve Mahlo.
Supervisor: David Lamond.


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