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A Mirror is a Designer’s Secret Weapon!

Mirrors can transform a space. Used well, they will brighten a room and make it feel more spacious.

A mirror is simply a piece of glass with a reflective backing. They can be cut to size, with polished or beveled edges.

Let’s look at some of the options, tips and tricks.

Wall Mount Mirrors

The most common bathroom mirrors are the simple wall mount type. They can be customised in size and shape to suit any space and taste. Be it rectangular, round or freeform, the options are almost unlimited. It can small enough to back a niche, large enough to cover an entire wall or even custom curved to make a grand statement. A large or wall-to-wall mirror creates an optical illusion of depth and space by seeming to eliminate the wall it’s on. This illusion opens up the space while also adding luminosity within the room.

A simple, large bathroom mirror with easy access for multiple users offers practicality for those busy mornings when it seems the whole family are accessing the space at once!

Floating and Back-lit Mirrors

Mounting a mirror a small distance off the wall will make appear to “float”, adding a layer of depth and perspective. This also provides an opportunity for back-lighting which has the dual purpose of adding visual effect or functional task lighting. Dimmable and colour-adjustable lights can add drama to the room.

Mirrored Cabinets

How we can help our clients incorporate more storage into their bathroom is one of our most common requests! Mirrored cabinets can house a variety of bathroom products, allowing vanity tops to remain free from clutter. They also offer the opportunity to cleverly hide bathroom power points. Recessing these cabinets into the wall cavity can save space and make the room more aesthetically pleasing. Finger pull cabinet doors can help reduce cleaning of fingerprints from the mirrors.

Magnifying mirrors

A magnifying mirror can be the perfect accessory to a bathroom. Available in multiple designs and magnifications to meet every need. They are great for applying makeup or shaving, particularly in a room with limited natural light. Integrated surround lighting will eliminate shadows that regular downlights or overhead lighting can cause.

Framed Mirrors

These can be chic and stylish and can be a fantastic statement to a bathroom. The shape and style of the room can be reflected in the frame of the mirror. A range of finishes are available including natural wooden frames, metallic colours, gloss finishes or classic black. When multiple tall framed mirrors are used above dual vanities, they emphasize the height of the room.

Smart Mirrors

Smart technology has even found a place in our bathroom mirrors! Integrated touch keys allow you to switch from background lighting to mood lighting and even make-up lighting. Anti-fogging technology prevents steam build-up during a shower or bath. While latest models also come with Bluetooth linked sound systems, providing all the trending features for a new age bathroom.

For guidance and help on this essential component of your bathroom design we can help you. To see some examples of bathroom mirrors take a look through our portfolio page. Contact us today to discuss your bathroom renovation.

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