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Contemporary Art-Deco Brighton Bathroom Renovation

This recently retired couple has lived in their 1930s Brighton home for over two decades and plans to stay there for the rest of their lives. They wanted a functional and modern bathroom that was easy to clean and safe to move around for when they got older.

Having a luxurious yet comfortable bathroom was very important to them, but they also wanted a style that paid homage to the age of their home. Their bathroom had no storage, a cramped shower and an unused bathtub that was taking up valuable space.

Our Interior Designer started by reorganising the space with accessibility and safety in mind. We opened their original pokey shower, eliminated the unused standalone bathtub, and repositioned the toilet. This new layout permitted us to fulfil our client’s desire for storage and a walk-in shower.

We restored the original ceiling, cornices, window, and door architraves to preserve the 1930s aesthetic our clients wanted. For a stunning look, we replastered the walls and integrated Grande Marble Look tiles.

Keeping in mind our client’s safety, we crafted into the shower a practical bench seat from Hebel blocks finished with anti-slip Terratech tiles. On the walk-in shower, we constructed a nib wall with a niche and interior glass shelves completed with a rounded glass shower screen.

Our team incorporated a modern underfloor heating system that is conveniently controlled via a wall-mounted digital panel and installed an all-in-one smart toilet unit that comes with an integrated bidet, heated seat, dryer and night light features.

luxurious ART-DECO style

For this Art-Deco-inspired bathroom, we chose floor-to-ceiling marble-like tiles, Pecan Oak furniture, and brushed platinum gold accents. To ensure enough storage, we selected three handcrafted mirror cabinets and wall-hung vanities. As a decorative touch, we selected a copper art-deco-themed door handle that elegantly complements the warmth of the marble walls.

This renovation successfully blended our client’s vision of a luxurious and modern bathroom while respecting the historical charm of the home. We blended beautiful decorative touches and high-tech features, such as the smart toilet unit and underfloor heating to create a functional and timeless space.

This bathroom combines all the modern amenities our clients need with stylish Art-Deco elements, resulting in a safe, elegant, and easy-to-clean bathroom. They have all the storage they need and feel comfortable and secure in this space. This renovation has enhanced the couple’s enjoyment of their home for many years to come.

Key Elements:

Tiles: Italia Ceramics Grande Porcelain Tiles.

Cabinetry: Issy Blossom Mirror Cabinet and Vanity Drawers

Smart Toilet: Prince Throne Bidet

Underfloor heating: DEVI Electric Floor Heating


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