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Kingswood Home Renovation: Home Office, Hallway & Bedrooms

The home office, hallway and bedroom renovations are part of our client’s vision of transforming their home into a comfortable and functional space that reflects their classic taste. In line with the rest of the home, they wanted to update their home office, hallway, and bedrooms, adding traditional style elements and enhancing the storage and lighting.

In the home office, the clients wanted a workspace that could accommodate two people working comfortably from home. Improved storage was also a priority, with shaker-style cabinets adding to the classic look. They wanted a soft colour and texture to complete the design and new flooring. The hallway needed repairs to walls and paint, and the original features, such as architrave, mouldings, and ornate ceilings, needed restoring. Additionally, they wanted to install new solid timber oak flooring. In the bedrooms, they wanted new carpets and improved lighting.

As we began the renovation, we encountered significant wall cracks in the bedroom and hallway caused by foundation movement. To solve the issue, we carried out polyurethane underpinning, which added to the project’s duration but ensured the structure’s stability.

The hallway restoration was a delicate process that required a lot of care and attention to detail. First, we repaired the walls and painted them to match the original features, such as the architrave, mouldings, and ornate ceilings. Next, the installation of new solid timber oak flooring completed the classic look.

In the home office, we used custom 2 Pack shaker cabinetry to create a neat and organised work space. To set the tone for productivity, we chose Dulux Lambs Ears (half strength), a soft neutral green colour that gives the space a tranquil quality. To add interest, we chose light-coloured walls and textured wall panelling. Finally, solid timber oak flooring complements the traditional style of the cabinetry and gives the room a warm and inviting feel.

In the bedrooms, new carpets add warmth and comfort to the space. In addition, the improved lighting created a cosy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxation.

Overall, the renovation of the home office, hallway, and bedrooms resulted in a beautiful, functional, and comfortable space that perfectly suited the clients’ classic taste. The traditional elements of the home office and hallway combined with the cosy bedrooms created a welcoming and charming environment our clients love coming home to.

Designed and built by the Brilliant SA team

Designer: Jessica Markwick

Supervisor: David Lamond

Photographer: Aaron Citti


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