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The contrast of beautifully stained veneer and glossy glass cabinetry is an incredible design element in this unique kitchen. There are many unique and interesting design features that come together to make this modern, artistic kitchen one of a kind. The shape and architectural design of the kitchen is very different, and we incorporated unique styles to create a distinctive space.

The star of the kitchen is the stunning rangehood that is more than 2m long and soars all the way to the ceiling in a striking Sapphire Persian Blu. We designed the cabinetry in two contrasting styles: a modern Starphire white glass and a beautiful, rustic Blackheart-stained veneer. This contrast makes the timber pop against the glass and complements the blue patterned design of the rangehood. The latest technology was implemented to modernise the space, including integrated appliances and a television that lifts up through the benchtop. This warm and spacious kitchen is a mix of different styles and designs, creating a unique heart of the home.

Designed and built by the Brilliant SA team.
Supervisor: David Lamond.


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