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Monochrome Magic

The laundry in this household never sleeps! For this family (2 big fur babies included) it is one of the most utilised rooms in the home. The laundry needed to have enough space to move, but not at the sacrifice of adequate storage. It was essential to incorporate a solution for dog food bins and accessories, cleaning products, vacuum cleaners and other bulky laundry items.

It was a request of the client to retain the existing floor tile, due to its continuation beyond the laundry walls. In keeping with the theme throughout the home (see our clients BSA Bathroom, we chose sharp black and white contrast to create a bold and classic design.

Both a feature and a challenge of this room were the half glass roof with timber lined ceiling. Due to this, maximising tall storage was limited. This was overcome by specifically planning where each item would be stored to ensure the joinery could be of appropriate sizes to house these items without looking out of place in the room. An oversized custom draw was installed to hold two large dog food bins and a half height cupboard satisfied household appliances. The specified heights ensured that the newly painted ceiling and glass roof remained the stand out features of the laundry.

The Result

An important element to this design was the client’s request for an additional sink to complement their existing oversized trough. We modified the plumbing in a way to not only accommodate this, but to not waste any valuable storage in the cupboards beneath. The addition of another sink also meant that precious bench space would be lost. To create a versatile work space when required, a compact laminate lid was custom made to match the benchtop. The lid also helps disguise washing as it soaks, so it really has been an ideal solution on all fronts. In a laundry destined for heavy use, we are delighted to deliver a bespoke design that adds a natural sense of peace over and above the required functionality.

Designed and built by the Brilliant SA team.
Designer: Bronwyn Aldridge.
Supervisor: David Lamond.



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