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Have you been contemplating a renovation for what feels like years and for some reason it seems you just can’t get started?

Perhaps it is the fear of getting the design aspect wrong, what ‘look’ to go for, or you are simply struggling to visualise how the end project will look.

Here are some common signs that we see in clients who are ready to take the next step, but perhaps don’t realise it yet:

  • You have collected samples but are unsure of where to go from here
  • You spend hours scrolling through social pages for inspiration – dreaming of your new space
  • You have put off general home maintenance, because you are ‘about to renovate’ but haven’t actually taken steps to obtain a quote or consider your options
  • You rarely host guests in your home due to being slightly embarrassed about the look or size of the space you have available to accommodate your friends or family.

Sounding all too familiar?

Uncertainty and being overwhelmed are certainly aspects that lead to procrastination. Renovating requires momentum as well as considered choices.

So, let’s look at the steps to help you move past the procrastination.

This is the overall big picture goal. This is one of the most productive parts of the renovation journey, especially when done along side a professional renovation company.

In order for you to be happy with the end project, you need to first understand why you want the change.

Once you have created a list of your needs and wants, they can be divided into ‘must have’ items, ‘would like to have’ items and ‘dream items’. This helps prioritise. It also helps if you need to reduce the dream items to work within your budget.

  • Understanding the Process

Ensuring you feel accurately informed of all of the steps that are involved in achieving your renovation goals. Good processes will not only streamline your project, they also help to stay on budget and provide a well-defined schedule of what is going to happen and when. Having a renovation partner who has well-defined processes in place is fundamental to a stress-free project.

  • Set your start date & make it happen!

Once you have gathered the essential information and are now feeling comfortable and confident, it’s time to execute! Your procrastinating days are over.

The final step is sitting back and enjoying the benefits of your renovation (and wondering why you didn’t do it sooner!). A new beginning, a clean & fresh start.

As your life evolves, your lifestyle changes and so do your needs and priorities. A renovation is a unique opportunity to start over and do things exactly the way you want to.

Using the services of a professional renovation company such as Brilliant SA can provide the guidance and support you need along your renovation journey. It is our job to make life easier for you.



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